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Tax & Audit Services

Tax & Audit Services in Bangladesh

We at FM Business Accounting will provide you suggestions on how to minimize your tax liability in a legal manner. This includes advising you on income tax rebates, withholding tax while paying your suppliers, advance tax, adjusting the tax that has been deducted by your customers, concessionary income tax rates, etc.

Withholding Tax Accounting- WHT

Tax has to be withheld by the payer of employment income, dividends, interest receipts, royalties, technical service fees etc. A full blown chart including deduction rates can be found here. A company also has to keep track of withheld taxes and submit return in due time (twice in a income year) set by government. 

Failure to pay withholding tax before submitting return is a subject to provision for penalty.

Tax Time Support

FM Business Accounting Services seeks to provide a comprehensive tax planning and the preparation of all tax returns, whatever is necessary to protect your interests, save your time and provide them to you for your review prior to the filing date. Our highly vetted and professional team of accountants and tax advisors would be there by your side.

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