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In Bangladesh, Value Added Tax (VAT) is one which is payable for supply of goods or services. To obtain VAT registration Certificate, the applicant has to go through the bureaucratic methods one set by the government. To carry out the business of supplying taxable good or services, one has to first register with the concerned nearby VAT circle office in accordance of the prescribed laws of Bangladesh. FM Consulting International has regularly obtained registration certificates for their clients, and on top of such the financial wing of FM Consulting International is excellent in handling any tax related concerns on a daily basis.

Our exceptionally outstanding financial wing, has mastered over the year, dealing with a huge pile of tax related documents. We have helped hundreds of clients make their VAT return within the prescribed deadline and has an invincible rate of success in satisfying our clients throughout the year. We advise our clients on required documents that needs to be submitted, on forthcoming deadlines of the tax return of person and company, VAT return, etc.    

Business Consultancy & Solution In Bangladesh

Provider of Financial, Taxation, Accounting & Auditing Services

We both need to be a step ahead of others. FM Consulting International gives you the flexibility and power you need to be at the top. Let us help you optimize business processes for maximum efficiency and reach your true potential.

We have a small yet effective team of expert, who can solve your Tax, Financial and Legal issues in Bangladesh with ease. Due to us having simultaneous experiences in the field of law, carrying out your business procedure and compliances in Bangladesh, with us it will be an easy get-out for you to just concentrate on your business.

Handling Businesses while complying with law & financial procedures could be a hassle sometimes. Your big authority might need assistance from the best business solutions available in Bangladesh.

We understand that your desperation in regards to your delicate matters, which is why we want to work together and give a business solution that meets the international standard.               

Our legal and finance department consist expertise from throughout the world, and we intend to maintain that standard. The harmony between these two departments shall help you to ensure absolute package of legal and financial business solution in Bangladesh. We are just the mere reflection of your needs, ensuring your interest in every possible way.

FM Consulting International serves the best Tax Lawyer services in Bangladesh. We also provide the cost effective Business Consulting in Bangladesh. Our Dedicated high skilled team is very experienced on Tax Planning consultant in Bangladesh. Our major services are all company matters including Company Incorporation in Bangladesh or Company Formation in Bangladesh, Tax Planning Lawyer, Auditt & Accounting services, VAT consultant in Bangladesh.

FM Associates & FM Consulting International (Two-Limb of a Single Body)



If you are worried about your transaction, Dont Be!, as our bookkeping services will make you forget about keeping records of your day to day expencess. With us you get a professional bookkeeper to do your books for you and to review your finances. It’s everything you need to forget about your bookkeeping, without actually forgetting about your bookkeeping. 



We know and understand how much you crave for a fast, efficient and trouble-free method for completing your payroll. FM Business Accounting Services confidential, cost-effective & complete Payroll service eliminates the tedious chore of payroll processing in your office.

Personal Accountant


An experienced, professional dedicated accountant for your business who would be your point of contact and will be responsible for your bookkeeping, financial statements, tax return and representing you in the National Board of Revenue. 

Annual Tax Filling


We at FM Business Accounting will provide you suggestions on how to minimize your tax liability in a legal manner. This includes advising you on income tax rebates, withholding tax while paying your suppliers, advance tax, adjusting the tax that has been deducted by your customers, concessionary income tax rates, etc.

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FM Consulting International has won the Lawyer Monthly-Private Client-Awards for 2017 in the category of Accountancy - Advisory Firm of the Year - Bangladesh.

FM Consulting International awarded as the Best "Financial Tax Advisory - Bangladesh" in the 4th annual International Finance Awards(IFA) by Acquisition International

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FM Consulting International awarded as the National Tax- Firm of the Year(2017)- Bangladesh by Finance Monthly.

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Acquisition International magazine as our in-house research and awards team have recognised FM Consulting International in the 2016 Global Excellence Awards as: 2016 Excellence Award: Most Outstanding Financial Tax Advisory.

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