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FM Consulting International

FM Consulting International a Audit Firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh has an Audit and Assurance team which is reputed for its due diligence and has worked on several projects in Bangladesh and has a reputation for its thoroughness in audit and assurance engagements in Bangladesh. We have certified Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh and expert team which deals with the audit services.


FM Consulting International is an Audit Firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh, provides audit and assurance services very diligently for example audit and assurance deals with internal controls of working in an organization so we make sure to handling the work proficiently.

We always make sure that the service is totally effective to the clients. Our audit & assurance team makes sure that every number in the statement is properly calculated and transparent, if so, required by the Client. The functionalities and services of our audit firm ranges as to variety of works. FM Consulting International provides the services of internal audit, external audit in coordination with our audit partners, performance audit, donor audit, fund audit etc.

Our Audit Firms in Dhaka and Chittagong believe in consistency and transparency while providing audit and assurance services to our clients. Following the basic standards of audit and assurance and act for social and client’s interest is the main thing we believe in our firm. At FM Consulting International, we are up to date with the changes in law and Accounting Standards around the world. Our pragmatic approach hence minimizes the audit risks that a company faces as we try our best to the extent allowable and permitted by law to listen and accommodate the true and fair view in the Financial Statements. 

Our Internal and External Audit Services In Bangladesh

Internal Audit

The audit and assurance team in Bangladesh of FM Consulting International works for both types of engagement being reasonable assurance engagements or limited assurance engagements. Our services for reasonable assurance engagement involve conducting a thorough review of the internal control of the systems implemented by the client preparing the subject matter. We take into account the materiality while conducting the audit. Nevertheless, if the client so wishes, we can take on an audit and assurance engagement in which we commit to audit every single transaction that has taken place. For limited assurance engagement we are provided limited scope of area for audit based on which we provide our assurance report drawing limited conclusions.

External Audit

One of our core areas of practice for the reasonable assurance engagement is that of external audit engagement which is required in Bangladesh and is mandatory as per the requirements of Companies Act 1994 as well as the Income Tax Ordinance 1984. The accounting standards in Bangladesh that is required to be maintained by a company is the BAS and the BFRS and the auditors conduct their audit in accordance with the Bangladesh Standards on Auditing (BSA). The need for an external statutory audit in Bangladesh is manifold like the Shareholders are not involved in the day to day decision making or management of the company hence to keep the management in check and balance as to whether the company has performed up to the required expectations of the shareholders and/or stakeholders.

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Audit & Assurance

Audit and Assurance team of FM Consulting International, an Audit Firm in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh, works independently as well as in conjunction with one another, being the other departments in FM Consulting International. The audit team independently assesses and monitors the transactions and the state of affairs of an entity whilst the Assurance team provides assurances to the users of the particular financial statements that the transactions reported thereto provides a true and fair view. The audit and assurance engagement in Bangladesh depends on several factors like the parties involved, the subject matter on which audit is done and assurance is provided, the Standards (for example the Bangladesh Accounting Standards as adopted from the International Accounting Standards or the Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards as adopted from the International Financial Reporting Standards) against which the subject matter is measured/examined/evaluated, evidence to back up the transactions that has been reported in the subject matter and finally the written report also known as the audit report in some instances where FM Consulting International team represents whether or not the subject matter has been presented fairly i.e. gives a true and fair view. 

We believe in the satisfaction of our clients. At FM Consulting International, we make sure that the service of audit and assurance are properly handled in a way commensurate with the client’s needs. We follow the international standards and procedures while providing audit and assurance services to make sure that our clients business need is properly maintained.  We give professional service of vetting of any financial documentation and any transaction related advice which maybe for example related to loan or contract which entails proper audit & assurance requirements in Bangladesh. Our team also assures to bring and improve the financial efficiency as needed. Our clients can be easily trusted with our services and depend on the reliability of our services. Our expertise is reliable and internationally recognized and accredited while it comes to the independent audit and assurance service.   

The Audit and Assurance service of FM Consulting International ensures that it is suitable and for people from all sectors irrespective of the type or the size of the business. FM Consulting International strictly follows and apply the relevant accounting standards, government laws and regulations while providing audit and assurance service. 

Highly skilled & experienced team of audit & assurance makes FM Consulting International services outstanding in this industry. We have the determination and punctuation of following and fulfilling the client requirements.