How to obtain Export Registration Certificate in Bangladesh



Export Registration Certificate is mandatory for any business entity which is desirous of exporting any permissible domestic goods from Bangladesh without restriction on value and quantity. The legal basis of this Certificate is found in The Export Policy Order 2015-18. 



The documents required for issuance of ERC 


  1. Passport size photograph of the applicant
  2. Valid Trade License
  3. Valid Membership Certificate form a regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry or from relevant Trade Associations.
  4. Citizenship Certificate of the applicant
  5. Treasury Challan
  6. TIN Certificate
  7. Partnership Deed
  8. Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  9. Financial Solvency Certificate



The applicant is required to collect the Form of IRC from CCI&E office or CCI&E website and submit the filled in Form along with supporting documentsto the Dispatch Section of CCI&E office. Registration fee and the cost of pass-book should be deposited at the Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank and three (3) copies of Treasury Challan shall be collected. 


In order to receive the Import Registration Certificate, applicant needs to submit the filled in application Form along with the listed supporting documents and Treasury Challan at CCI&E office


Time Limit


Estimated processing time for issuance of ERC is four to five working days.


Renewal of ERC


IRC is required to be renewed every year. The required documents are:

  1. Original copy of ERC and ERC Passbook
  2. Treasury Challan


The applicant is required to arrange the above-mentioned documents and deposit the annual renewal fee at Bangladesh Bank or Sonali Bank


Time limit


Estimated processing time for renewal of ERC is 4-5 working days.


Scheduled government fee


BDT 5,000

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