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Payroll Management Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

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Payroll Management Bangladesh | FMCI

Payroll Management Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

Obtaining the Payroll Management services in Bangladesh with FM Consulting International will automate the entire payroll system/processing of your organisation and provide relief to your HR department from this tedious task. This often includes the followings:

  • Monthly reporting.
  • Cheque distribution among employees.
  • Bank advising etc.
  • Time & attendance tracking.
  • Manage Leave.
  • Benefits and pension administration
  • Regulatory filing & Reporting

Payroll Management in Bangladesh for an organisation is both time consuming and lengthy one. It also creates a need of up to date accountants in an organisation who will always look for better opportunities and is often a temporary person within an organisation and thus, unreliable.  This results in discontinuity of workflow in the organisation.

With FM Consulting International, you get the continuity of staff from our sides thereby ensuring you and your company that none of your employees is dissatisfied with the way they are paid.

Outsource the Payroll management system to FM Consulting International and let your employees do the more innovative work as an added advantage. Utilise the full time available resource from into productive parts of your organisation, leaving the headache over to FM Consulting International.

Payroll Management Services in Bangladesh for your Organisation | FMCI

In order to execute the work of a payroll management services in Bangladesh we have a team of qualified accountant who is continuously on tow to manage every aspect of payroll related businesses. Our live and integrated software is a platform where the payroll management services in Bangladesh is conducted with absolute ease, all that is required is to input data from the end of the clients and the software with the help of the expert accountants of FM Consulting International, shall be able to reach the solution within no time.

Software is also equipped to provide live status and attendance of the employees and create a great deal of significance in relation to client’s value proposition as to business and HR Management.

Besides Payroll Management you would also benefit from our other related services like taxation, accounting and other compliances.