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Payroll Tax Consultancy in Bangladesh

Payroll Tax Consultancy in Bangladesh plays a very important role in the modern day triumph of the payroll services in Bangladesh. The work of the payroll services in Bangladesh is halfhearted without the application of Payroll Consultancy in Bangladesh.

Application of the Payroll Tax Consultancy in Bangladesh

In the light of the Payroll Tax Consultancy in Bangladesh, the government is imposing strict rules and regulation on employer regarding payroll taxation such as deducting and withholding tax, depositing withholding tax, preparing and providing withholding certificate to employee, submission of annual tax return of employee.

Employer  under the shimming light of the Payroll Tax Consultancy in Bangladesh, the employer is bound to deduct payroll or salary tax, submitting withholding, preparing and distributing tax deduction certificate of employee at the year-end as per income tax policy in Bangladesh.

In current years, Bangladesh government is adding another rule, which is to bound the employer  to monitor and ensure that employees are submitting annual tax return within stipulated time. If employer fails to comply these rules and regulations, then tax authority of Bangladesh disallows all expenses regarding payroll and facing several penalties. On the other hand, employee would want to get all tax benefits within boundaries of tax rules and regulation, therefore, the followings are needed to be addressed:

  • Tax optimization
  • Proper calculation of tax benefit
  • Timely disbursement of salary after tax deduction
  • Provident fund deduction.
  • Life insurance deduction
  • Timely distributing tax deduction certificate at the end of the year.

Payroll Tax Consultancy Services in Bangladesh

We are providing all kind of Payroll Tax Consultancy services in Bangladesh which includes, but are not limited to the followings:

  • Best tax beneficial salary structuring.
  • Deducting withholding taxes.
  • Timely deposition of withholding tax.
  • Adding and deducting all kinds reimbursement expenses and other benefits.
  • Preparing and submitting withholding tax.
  • Monitoring and ensuring employees’ annual tax return submission.
  • Preparing and submitting employee’s annual tax return other related return and documents.
  • Preparing and distributing tax deduction certificate as well as recording and distribution of salary and other allowances.
  • Preparing and maintaining provident fund as per taxation policy in Bangladesh.

Our Payroll Tax Consultancy services benefited both employee and employer under the taxation rules of Bangladesh. Our services ensure both advantage to employee & employer and compliance according to Bangladesh taxation policy.

Payroll Tax Consultancy in Bangladesh

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