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Audit and Assurance Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

Generally, Auditors do an evaluation of evidence about information and report against certain established criterias. Such assurance services related to the financial position of an entity are provided by an independent batch of auditors, in Bangladesh they are all controlled under the Institute of Chartered Accountants Bangladesh.

Audit and Assurance.
Our Audit and Assurance Team is led by Certified Professional Accountants and Chartered Accountants providing services as to ranging from independent external audits to internal process audits.

FM Consulting International is a business consultancy firm which provides audit and assurance services to our clients. We have certified chartered accountant and expert team which deals with the audit services. We give professional service of any financial document and any transaction related to loan or contract which entails with audit & assurance services. reliable with our services. Our expertise is reliable and fully trustable while come to the independent audit and assurance service.   

It provides the high quality international standards service which deals with cliental interest and satisfaction. To improve the financial efficiency and accuracy, and proper regulations we provide the complete range of audit & assurance services. Also it makes sure that all the internal data and information is precisely using by our expertise.

The service we provide it make sure that it is suitable and social from all sectors. Following every governmental rules is a must in our firm as we have the expertise of certified chartered accountant with us. We work as efficiently as the clients works need to be done. Our services believe in consistency and transparency while providing to clients. Following the basic standards of audit assurance and act for social and cliental interest is the main thing we believe in our firm.
The activities of internal auditing are totally independent. The main objective is to ensure to add value and improve an organization’s operations providing internal control auditing. It helps to bring the reliability to financial report. Also internal control audit compliance by the applicable laws and regulations. Internal audit might take place daily, weekly, monthly or annually. This internal audit procedure varies from department to department such as in manufacturing process it is needed daily whereas, in human resource department it is done once in a year. FM Consulting International Internal auditing procedures includes transaction matching, physical inventory count and audit reconciliation following governmental rules and regulation.

External or Statutory Audit

In External audit  a practicing Chartered Accountant reviews the financial position and operations of an entity to the external stakeholders. Key aspects of an external statutory audit includes performing the process of the annual statutory audit of the company’s financial accounts, providing opinions if they are an impartial and fair reflection of the company’s financial position etc.


Basic function of an Internal Auditor is to be accountable directly to the audit committee of the same organization it is auditing, even though operating independently from other departments. Generally it is limited to the management controls over the operations of an organization and risk management.

Credit Audit

Credit audit focuses on improving the credit quality among all other reasons. Credit quality is vitally important to bank shareholders for many reasons including the cash costs of poor credit quality. To enhance the independency and get a fair view from audit, the credit audit department should ideally be run from outside the bank’s normal chain of command.

Performance Audit

Performance audit is solely focused on determining an entity's programs or functions are working as intended to achieve stated goals by its shareholders/directors. The specific objectives of an audit can include effectiveness, economy and efficiency of a program, and compliance with legal requirements.

Fund Audit

An independent review on effectiveness and alignment to the goals of a fund by its donors is basically what defines a fund audit.

Provident Fund Audit

An independent review on operations of Provident fund is termed as “Provident Fund audit”.

Gratuity Audit

In general terms, Gratuity is given by the employer to an employee for the services rendered by him usually at the time of retirement. Gratuity audit is often supported by the funds actuarial valuation at times. 

Workers Profit Participation Fund Audit

Generally, companies tend to contribute a specific percentage of their year end profit  to a specific fund which then is divided among its employees. According to Bangladesh laws, WPPF funds need to be audited in order to get Income Tax benefits on a yearly basis.

Risk Management Audit

Risk management audit allocate the existing risks in the organisation through vetting of the documents and records and advise the mitigation procedure for the same. We ensure that the interests of the shareholders are properly protected in relation to risk management, internal control and financial reporting.

Compliance Audit

A business needs to stay compliant of the guidelines, laws and regulations in Bangladesh, in any case if the business fails to stay compliant, there can be a high chance of acquiring severe regulatory penalties in Bangladesh.