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Legal Services | Aviation in Bangladesh

Today, the primary and fastest form of distance travel in the world is by air and it has spread through the seven continents of the Earth. Bangladesh has the potential to grow as one of the strongest aviation market in the sub-continent. This is evident from the entrance of several aviation companies entering the Bangladesh market over the last decade. The number of commercial flights have also soared exponentially in the same period owing to the fact that Bangladesh is a man power hub having a huge chunk of its population travelling to different countries relatively regularly. The tourism industry and the overall requirement for business travel has also increased every year.

There are license and registration requirements to conduct the aviation business in Bangladesh. The basic requirement is the registration of an airline company. All sorts of registration and regulations with regards to aviation is controlled by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh also known as CAAB which is the regulating authority under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. 

This other license required for Operational Services is called the Operational Services Provider License or OSPL. These two licenses are at the base of starting an airline. Of course, there are other pre-requisites to this such as registration with the Registrar of Joint Stock of Companies as a company, experience in the airline industry on account of the owners, requisite capital for running the company etc. Now, the lease of an aircraft can take place in three ways, i.e. dry lease, damp lease and wet lease. The type of lease differs from one another based on whether the aircraft is being leased all by itself or whether a crew is accompanying it.

FMCI is leading consulting agency in Bangladesh with experts equipped to work with all aspects of the aviation industry. FMCI has extensive experience in the workings of aviation business along with the travel agency industry. FMCI can also provide advice in the leasing, import and registration of aircrafts and engines coming into Bangladesh for several airlines. 

FMCI can also provide full assistance to any entity exploring the aviation industry in Bangladesh with regards to the setting up of the company with RJSC, ensuring full compliance with the labor department and environment department of the government. Further, FMCI provides services like tax registrations, VAT registrations, accounts, payroll services and any other relevant matters. FMCI can also assist in the requirements of drafting and vetting of any agreements, power of attorneys and any other agreements required to conduct business in Bangladesh. FMCI also has experience in working with companies providing aviation equipment and accessories to airline operators and CAAB with regards to licensing and import of such products.