Legal Services | Criminal Case Litigation in Bangladesh
Legal Services | Criminal Case Litigation in Bangladesh
Legal Services | Criminal Case Litigation in Bangladesh

Legal Services | Criminal Case Litigation in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, any information in regards to the commission of an offence whether cognizable or non cognizable can be given to the concerned officer of the police station or Magistrates. After receiving information regarding such offence, the process to initiate the case starts. In Bangladesh, the criminal laws are mainly governed by the Code of Criminal Procedure 1898, The Evidence Act 1872 and Penal Code 1860. However, there several special laws, which deals with particular type of offence.   

As a full service law firm, we have a separate wing consisting litigation lawyers for both civil and criminal matters. Most of the members of the litigation team have years of experience in particular fields. Our major services in the criminal fields are the following:

  • Providing required legal advice for the cases filed or pending to be filed before the respective court or tribunal;
  • Drafting written complaint, general diary, application in order to file before the concerned authorities;
  • Assisting client to file necessary application or complaint to the respective authority or court;
  • Represent the client before the respective court or tribunal;
  • Providing advice whether such case is compoundable or not.
  • Conduct hearing on behalf of the client before the court and tribunal;
  • Drafting and submitting written statement on behalf of the accused at the trial;
  • Examination of the complainant, accused, witnesses in the trial of a case;
  • Submitting bail petition for the accuses to the proper forum;
  • Providing whether an appeal or revision can be filed against the order or sentence of the inferior court;
  • Drafting and filing petition for appeal or revision to the appellate court or court of revision against order or sentence passed by the inferior court;
The above lists are not exhaustive. As each case is different, we provide required legal services to the clients, depending on the issue of fact and issue of law.

Why client required these service:
In accordance to Constitution of Bangladesh, it is a fundamental right of a person to get advice and to be represented through a lawyer as per his/her preference. Though, it is not mandatory to take assistance from a lawyer to seek justice or raise defense. Nevertheless, indeed as a matter, it is best practice to take assistance from the experts in the relevant fields to avoid unnecessary legal complications. A lawyer proficient in this area can provide appropriate advice and guidance, which shall enhance better possibility to get the desirable relief. A lawyer can prepare the relevant drafts, documentation by mentioning proper grounds in correct format, can assist to file before the appropriate forum. It is evident, that, taking assistance from a lawyer shall pave the way to get the adequate legal relief.