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Human Resource System Services in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh

A  Human Resource system or human resource management system are the types of services provided by FMCI in order to make the whole HR resourceses more efficient and effective.
HR Management System helps in businesses

Improves HR efficiency- One of the most important benefits of using HR software to handle regular HR tasks is an improvement in administrative efficiencies. The software improves the way HR manages daily tasks helping the business save time and effort and be even more productive. Using HR software improves the efficiency of not just one department but, of the whole organization.

Reduce business costs- HR Software will undoubtedly help the company reduce administrative costs. Improving efficiency and productivity is also a way to save money in its own right, investing in a system may well invalidate the need to hire another HR administrator and the costs associated, such as recruitment fees, benefits, salary etc.

Improved decision making- When the company will have all the right and accurate information in their fingertips, then the company will be able to make good and productive decisions, for the growth of the business, since their decisions will be based on up to date and accurate information and insights that the company can gather from their analytics.

Better risk management- HR systems make managing the business risks a lot easier as they enable the company to keep track of employee information more efficiently. The company can store and share their policies in a more accurate and transparent way via the company- employee portal. Those processes associated with risk management can be automated and enforced through the use of workflow to ensure compliance.

So, an efficient HR management system is always required by every organization and business to increase productivity or performance and also, helps in business growth.
FMCI provide the best of HR System Services in Bangladesh:

FMCI provides all of the key elements of effective HR management – employment, training and development, and customer service. Whether we provide HR consulting services or work alongside with HR team, our support, knowledge and resources can help a company to meet the goals.
Another aspect of payroll service is that many payroll service providers also provide services regarding employee’s gratuity and deposits. Beside these some of them provide administration information, analyze employee tax responsibility and prepare for submission to National Board of Revenue (NBR). Another advantage of hiring payroll service is accuracy and is up to date about recent changes of laws; this is because they always try to do their job accurately in order to maintain a long term business with the employer. Skilled payroll service providers can also make sure that overseas businesses are compatible with regulations and taxation laws of Bangladesh. 

It is for the benefit of employers to hire payroll service providers who are responsible for calculating the monthly total salaries of all employees taking into considerations, among other, factors such as overtime being done by employees, leave taken, miscellaneous expenses, etc. The service providers will further be responsible for depositing the salaries directly into employees’ accounts and finally providing a summarized report to employers.  

We have assisted both large and small establishments by providing complete payroll service to our valuable clients on accurate and timely manner relieving our clients from all unnecessary distress.