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Professional Actuaries or actuarial professional's in Bangladesh or service provider in Bangladesh, provides services to a wide range of clients engaged in several varied activities. However, the most prominent areas where a Professional Actuaries or Actuarial professional's in Bangladesh provides service is in the area of insurance, government statistics department, analysis of any inherent risks, calculation and actuarial valuation of employee benefits etc. Actuarial valuation enables decision makers to make informed financial decision based on specific financial models and statistics as well as being aware of future risks of any investments and thereby keeping provisions/reporting in the Financial Statements to avert any future risks or uncertainties by setting aside any future capital requirements.

Services of the Professional Actuaries of FM Consulting International

The professional Actuaries of FM Consulting International is providing actuarial services in Bangladesh to entities or corporations including several MNCs or the insurance business to plan for the future of the companies by assessing the present risk or valuation through actuarial calculation and also allowing the client to keep proper provisions in the books of accounts. 

Actuarial service requires the evaluation of the risk and identifying the future uncertainties that arise within a business. It is important to use mathematics and statistics to calculate the risk and find out the designated value of that risk. Actuaries from FM Consulting International helps to estimate the economic cost relating to the uncertain incident/ unforeseeable future such as natural disaster, death, leaving of employment by the employees or accident. The most common services of an actuary include services related to employee benefits, life insurances and nonlife insurances etc. Moreover, actuarial services help to develop business policies and minimizing the cost of risk. Besides these, actuarial services are also applicable for property, employee benefits liability and various other kinds of insurance. An actuary’s work is very essential to the insurance industry. Actuarial service is very efficient for protecting the general public interest. Being a developing country, Bangladesh has started practicing more and more actuarial valuations in order to protect the interest of general public.

Actuary or actuaries in Bangladesh | FM Consulting International

The main aim of FM Consulting International is to work effectively by establishing a strong and basic understanding of the client in relation to actuarial work in Bangladesh. FM Consulting International’s actuarial services will play an active role to assist general public in every aspects of uncertainty. We provide methods and different strategies which is easily adopted with regard to the funding for retirement benefits. It is quite challenging to practice such services in a dynamic industry. FM Consulting International aims to provide the best actuarial services in Bangladesh. The services also include providing accurate loss reserve analysis. Actuaries in FM Consulting International or actuaries providing services in Bangladesh through FM Consulting International adheres to certain standards and credentials and meet up the expectation of the clients having met the appropriate educational and professional standards. We adhere to the professionalism that is required and expected of an actuary in enhancing the services and art of the actuarial profession. Although in many instances in Bangladesh, an entity undertakes important decisions based on the advice of an actuary, nevertheless the term actuary has not been defined in any legislation in Bangladesh like the other professions.