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Operational manual is the guideline for conducting operational activities for internal member and employees of the organization. It provides standard guideline and job description regarding method of produce and serve a product and service to achieve a success with effectiveness and efficiency. It is established internally by the senior management of the organization or with the assists of hired consultant who are experienced in this field. It should be tested before final authorization at operational level and must be authorized by the board of directors. It can be changed partially and fully and change should be authorized by the board. It contains standard method of activities which ensure safety while producing and delivering business core products and services. The size and content of operational manual may vary depending on the size and nature of the business. It also depends on external environment such as government policies, culture, infrastructure, availability of the resources, economy of the  country, education, awareness, IT infrastructure and compliance of regulatory bodies where the business operate their activities.

An operational manual directs employees that regarding types of job, method of accomplish their job, how and where should report, hierarchy of the organization, kinds procedure require to be followed on an emergency or unusual situation which enables to archives organization goal by maintaining compliance and reputation. The content of the operational manual set up by the organization mentioning duties and responsibilities of the internal members and employees of the organization for the satisfaction of customers, general public, government and other stakeholder. It may contains rights and safety procedure of the internal members and employees.  The basic content of the operational manual are job description of employee and internal members, hierarchy of the organization, reporting methods, reporting authorities, methods of production, risk management policy including safety instruction, description of product and service of the organization, contact details and communication pattern, policy and position statement , emergency procedure, compliance requirement.

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Organization structure is the one of the common part of the operational manual. It identifies the diagram of the organization and relationship between the employees for accomplish the job. It also known as organizational hierarchy or organizational chart. It also directs the reporting and accountability procedure for task completed by employees. Organization structure can be flatter or taller depending on the size or nature of the business. Taller organization structure follows large chain of command which enables clarity of control and close supervision. Flatter organization allows open up the chain of commands which assists to take quick decision.

Job description is one of the most important content of the operational manual. It determines duties, responsibilities, task description, reporting method, skills and knowledge requirement, position details, role of position etc. It is the complete package of function and methods of a position to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact details and communication pattern is one of the important elements of operational manual which ensures mode of communication and how passing the order inside the organization. It also determines method and mode of communication of external parties of the organization. It is also determine the security of valuable information of organization.

Risk management, emergency procedure and compliance requirement also the very basic component of a good operational manual. These feature enables management to manage risks, specify work procedure on emergency situation and fulfil the compliance requirement of different regulatory bodies.

Operational manual can be changed fully and partially for the survival, efficiency and effectiveness as required.  Changing procedure and method should be written in operational manual.

An Operational manual helps a management and employee to accomplish task in timely manner by following all internal and external compliance. It also ensures quality and consistency flow of work even in emergency situation. The standard of the operational manual reduces human error and process error in the work. A good manual remove the confusion regarding responsibilities and duties from the first day of job by informing employees about their position and work method. It helps a management to determine kind of training and skills required for a position. An updated operational manual assists an organization to achieve their goals in effective and efficiency manner.

Operation Manual Services Provided By FMCI

FMCI is well reputed and experienced organization in the field consultancy service that already serves different national and international level organization. FMCI can design and prepare a modern operational manual as requirement of local and multinational companies in light of local and international quality standard to keep updated and compliant in respective to local and international regularities body. FMCI also provides guideline and train their staff regarding method of following operational manual and to maintain compliance.