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Auditing Firms in Bangladesh

As auditing is compulsory by the government, therefore, the need of an auditing firms in Bangladesh is equally required for every companies and organizations in Bangladesh unless the companies have their own audit department, all companies are legally required to conduct audits on a regular basis, usually annually. There are several auditing firms in Bangladesh to conduct this audit work and FM Consulting International is among the best.

In many organizations situated in Bangladesh, they have internal audit department to conduct the audit. However, many other companies tend to outsource auditing works to outside firms or and independent auditor. All the public listed companies in Bangladesh have to get their accounts audited by an independent auditor before they publish their financial statement for any quarter.

Audits conducted by the Auditing Firms in Bangladesh

To conduct the audit by the Auditing Firms in Bangladesh there are four steps in the auditing process, as follows:

The first one is to describe the auditor's role and the terms of engagement which is usually written in the form of a letter and is duly signed by the client.
The second step is to plan the audit program which would include details of working procedures and the departments the auditor would cover in the procedure.
The next step is compiling the information for the audit.
The last and most important element of an audit is reporting the outcome of the audit which are documented in the auditor's report.

The audit period can last a week or even a month depending on the nature of the audit.  When an auditor audits the financial statements of a company, the findings or observations are usually put out in a report or pile up in a systematic manner.

FM Consulting International | Auditing Firm in Bangladesh

FM Consulting International has been providing auditing services over decades now to many top notch national and international companies, firms and businesses. The expert team of auditor stays on their toes to provide the best auditing reports prepared with no leeway’s or irregularities and are in due compliance to the law. Being an auditing firm, coupled with the basket of profound legal knowledge acquired over time with the help of its sister concern law firm (FM Associates), FM Consulting International operates on zero discretion for upholding the outmost rights of the clients

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