Foreign-Owned Companies or Foreigners who intend to do business in Bangladesh needs a Registered Office. Whether it is a representative or branch office, as per the law of Bangladesh it is mandatory to have a Registered Office. Such services are specially required when the company is operating from abroad and wish to have a partial physical presence in Bangladesh, For Example: using of Conference Room, Postal, Email & Call Forwarding services from time to time.





Register Office Service in Bangladesh by FM Consulting International

Conference Room

Our well-decorated conference room are equipped with Computers, AC, Telephone and 24/Wifi service. The platinum members are allowed to use the conference room twice in a week. 


Our Lavish Reception is always ready to welcome our clients and their guests. We are well synchronized with international and national time zones by keeping our reception open 24/7.

Phone Services

Our Phone service gives a unique extension number for every individual client with our call forwarding services.

Message/Email Forwarding

Forwarding of letters and emails are the core element of our Registered Office Service. We have a computerized system by which we do the forwarding task, and preserves a copy of such documents if required by the clients.

Mail/Parcel Forwarding

Mail/Parcel forwarding falls within the ambit of our services. However, if forwarding of such parcel requires fast track postal service such as DHL or Fedex, extra charge shall be applied.

24 Hour Corresponding

We are there to assist you 24/7 throughout the year.